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Download Aprego v6.9 Here

In Business for 22 years, and counting... With registration, technical support is available, through email and phone support.

Aprego is a global product

Aprego is configured to speak different languages

From Key West to Alaska, and Mexico to Manila, Aprego is configured to speak to you clearly in your specific dialect.

Lowest price guarantee!

Aprego TCO is the lowest

Without compromise of features, Aprego Total Cost of Ownership, with zero database administration and maintenance, is the lowest in the industry.

Aprego is eat2go enabled!

Receive Internet orders on your printer(s)

Pre-authorized on-line orders arrive at the make lines of your establishment, with MMS and SMS gateway support. Available in the US, in 50 states, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Aprego is Digital Menu enabled!

Display digital menus on your monitors or TV's

Aprego supports multiple monitors with custom or generic digital menu display and rotation.

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