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Aprego Benefit Highlights

  • Prevent Theft
  • Control Labor Costs
  • Control Inventory, Manage Recipes, Preps and Waste
  • Specialize/Optimize Division of Labor
  • Streamline/Improve Service
  • Significantly Improve Record Keeping
  • Significantly Cut Closeout Reconciliation With Wait-Staff
  • Cut Tip Entry Time
  • Produce Homogenized Customer Receipts
  • Increase Business Through Promotions and VIP Programs
  • Recapture Credit Card Percent Tip Sharing
  • Increase Guest Spending Dollars Through Eliminating of Tip Transfer Conflict
  • Manage Sales Contests
  • Manage and Restrict Clockins of Employees
  • Reduce/Eliminate Kitchen/Make-Line Ordeing Errors
  • Improve Response Time/Rotate Tables Faster
  • Increase Server/Client Contact Time
  • Significantly Reduce Waiter Training Time
  • Extremely Easy Systems Design and Layout
  • Very Quick and Easy to Use and Operate
  • and so much more...

aprego! can help you manage your busy restaurant or bar with ease!

Aprego POS

Aprego POS

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