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Fine Dining

  • Table Icons - Track table turnarounds and guest service times by glancing at a layout of your rooms with embedded timers.

  • Room Layouts - Arrange and assign wait-staff to different rooms or bars.

  • Seat Manager - Assign food items by touching a seat, for food runners. Head of Table/Female designation for specialized or priced menus and check.

  • Separate Check Facilities - Separate checks by seat level.

  • Split Transactions - Split a check between different methods of payments.

  • Transfer Module - Transfer a transaction between table and bar, bar and table, table and table. Optionally, adjust transfer resulting tips to corresponding servers eliminating "we need to close this check scenario here" situation which is detrimental in terms of dollars to the food establishment

  • Print Redirect - Wait-staff print redirect option to any defined printer.

  • Print Module - Send any item to any combination of 9 print destinations at a time with support for up to 254 different print destinations.

  • Tip-Pools - Create tip pools.

Aprego POS

Aprego POS

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